• Web App

Project Description

The Video Distribution System interfaces with a Linux-based client (a “Location”) to distribute videos and images in a playlist format. Create Playlists and Locations in the system. Tie a Location to a Playlist. When you make changes to the playlist, even if it's uploading a new version of an existing video with the same filename, each connected location will begin downloading changes within a minute of saving.

Location Owners (the people that actually run/own the Location) can login and upload Location Specific images or create images using the Image Creation tool. These then get slotted into the playlist. Images require Admin verification before they are sent to the Location.

Playlist edition is simple and dynamic. Drag and drop to reorder and control how long images are displayed for.

There is a User Management section for creating and editing user accounts. There are several different tiers of Member Group with differing access rights. These can be customized.

Documentation is provided in a Wiki format so users can add and modify the content to suit their needs.

NOTE: Because this is a private application, we cannot share the URL with you.

  • Skills:

    • HTML / CSS
    • JavaScript / jQuery
    • PHP
    • Responsive
    • Bootstrap
    • CMS (ExpressionEngine)